Deep Dish Jelly Fish

Walked the beach first thing in the morning, the park opens at 8 am, and found some nice shells and good conversation.  I like to start my beach hellos with “Did you find anything good today?”  You can tell a sheller by the stooped walk and the immediate bag rustling after you ask that question.  Lately it has been, “Nothing very good, the shells are pretty beat up.”  I also like to ask, “Where are you from?”  This time I got Chicago, so we bonded over Pequod’s, Lou Malnati’s, hot dogs and beef sandwiches.  Then talked switched from Deep dish pizza to the HUGE washed up Jellyfish dotting the beach.  Red Tide?  We wondered if it was back, but it doesn’t seem to be.  The ladies remembered coming to the beach in years past, finding Olive shells the size of their hands.  The good old days.  There is nothing like a friendly conversation in the warm morning sun on the beach.

IMG_2146 IMG_2156IMG_2150IMG_2154


Honeymoon Update:

The Red Tide seems to be gone for now, no dead fish on the Beach.  The Supermoon looks lovely in the morning.  Construction of the Sea Wall is progressing, there is now a barge off of the Oasis parking lot.

And the Seagulls are chilling, like usual.

IMG_2136 IMG_2137 IMG_2139 IMG_2144IMG_2142

All the Dead Fish Should Have Been a Warning Sign


I was very excited to be the first one in the North parking lot on Tuesday.  I started walking the deserted beach on a mission to take “beachy” pictures for my friend’s surf company.  “Oh there’s a dead fish,” no big deal.  “Agh, there’s another dead fish,” okay.  “THERE ARE A TON OF DEAD FISH,” I think I’ll hang out here for 2 hours.  I didn’t even think to myself, “You should leave because it’s probably the RED TIDE.”  I kept on shelling and taking pictures amongst the dead fish, the dead blowfish and even, as one beachcomber alerted me to, a “dead baby Shark.”   Red tide happens every year when a specific algae, Karenia brevis, blooms.  Lots of marine life dies and it can cause respiratory issues in humans.  It smelled like fish that morning but I had no problems breathing.  Although I probably would have walked away if there had been a sign posted about the Red Tide.

I found a few good shells and took a ton of “beachy” pictures…

IMG_1942     IMG_1944

amongst the dead creatures.


IMG_1943      IMG_1966_2

Finding My Nature Center



When it gets too hot out shelling, the boys and I like to head to the Honeymoon Island Nature Center.  It’s a great place to cool off, learn about the island and it’s animals and even do some major bird watching.  It also has nice bathrooms, which is a plus!  Kids can do a scavenger hunt to win shells, there are crafts, videos to watch, gifts to buy and a really friendly staff.  They have a HUGE shell collection, I mean these shells are huge.  Of course I always forget to take a picture, I’ll remember next time.  On the third Saturday of the month from 1:00-4:30 pm they have a shell show!  What a great addition to any already amazing beach.

IMG_6010IMG_6007IMG_6009            IMG_6008

Reclaiming the Beach


It rained in the morning, so I decided to take the boys out to the beach after it cleared.  It was a beautiful 75 degrees for a short time on it’s way to scorching 90 degrees.  We haven’t been to Honeymoon that much lately, because of the humidity and, of course, the situation with the sand fleas.  Beach wary.  But it was breezy and sunny, record scratch, under construction!  The Southern part of the Oasis Parking Area is currently fenced off for a large beach project.  The boys LOVED seeing the equipment and huge boulders being lifted around.  So I did some digging online and found that they started some beach improvements, which will continue until this time next year.  They are building 3 giant “T-Groins,” which is a T shaped rock wall.  This will help keep the sand on the beach from washing away.  They will also be filling the beach in with 149,000 cubic yards of sand dredged from Hurricane Pass.  I am excited to see the changes in the beach, it always seems different every time we go!

IMG_5994          IMG_6003

We found a few good shells! Olives, Juvenile Fighting Conchs, Augers, Arks, Cantharus, my first Sharp Ribbed Drill and a gorgeous Paul Newman’s Sharks Eye.  I was excited to find that Shark’s Eye because I just read on I Love Shelling about one Pam had found.  They call them that because they have a true blue center!

IMG_6001    IMG_6002


Laid Back…

…with my mind on my Shelling and my Shelling on my Mind.

As you can probably tell I am taking the shelling easy these hot summer days.

Dragging the kids to the beach so “mom can shell” is not ideal.

So I will just dream of a day when they go off to college and I can shell every morning…

or at least when the older one goes back to school, the tourists diminish a bit and the temperatures cool.

Until then I am the Super Casual Sheller.

Me Noseeum but me Feelum



Let me tell you about the little friends we brought home with us from that Full Moon Low Tide.  Some people call them Noseeum but their common name is Sand Flea.  I call them something I cannot say on a nice friendly blog like this.

My husband started to itch while my son and I were exploring the tide pools.  So we rinsed the shoes and left.  When I got home I non-chalantly placed the beach bag by the washing machine like always, gave the boys a bath.  Fast forward to Sunday night, I sit down and get sucked into an SVU double episode, a show I have never watched.  After 2 hours I started to itch, I ran to the bathroom and discovered two groups of 6 bites on my back.

My war with Sand Fleas began.

“Oh crap the beach bag!”, I thought. Google Google Google, I read things like “so small you cannot see them,” “don’t scratch the bites” (yeah right) and “spray your bed and couch with pesticides.”  NO WAY!  Then I found someone who said cover everything with salt for 24 hours and vacuum thoroughly.  The salt dries them out and kills them.  Oh and wash everything you can in your house.  So I covered EVERYTHING with salt (and baking soda to kill any mites while I am at it) and bunkered down with the kids in one room.  After 5 days, a new HEPA vacuum and the washing machine running constantly, I think we got ’em.  No more new bites, only old itchy ones.  The stuffed animals are still in plastic bags for a few more days, just incase.

And maybe we’ll lay off the sunsets for awhile.


(My poor salt covered couch, looking like a powdered sugar brownie.)