On the Calm Front

Good Morning from calm and beautiful Honeymoon Island.  When I arrived at the North Parking lot the wind was barely blowing which seems to be a rarity on the island.  The waves were not so fierce today.  The Seagulls were chilling out and the seashells were rolling in.


 Lots of Fighting Conchs, Olives and Lighting Whelks.  I even found a Banded Tulip, from this angle it looks perfect & pink but unfortunately it was destroyed on the other side.  If you can see that little orange blob, it is an orange Jingle.  First one!  As soon as I took this picture the wind started up again and things got a little smelly by the beach.  Decaying beach matter, oh and that GIGANTIC decapitated fish head that scared the be-jesus out of me,

can be pretty stinky.



Tree Fort-Shelling Style

 Today we went out to the North Oasis beach at Honeymoon Island, we were about an hour and a half until low tide.  I found great things washed up around the trees, so I climbed in.  I shell pile is so deep that I found a lot of shells buried under rocks and in between the roots.  A tree line so close to the water is a great place to look.  IMG_5046



 I found some great stuff and displayed it on a “concrete” rock.  All colors of Olives, Augers and Juvenile Fighting Conchs, a Leopard Crab shell and Lightning Whelks.  I even found a fossilized shell, it looks like a very, very old Florida cone.  There were plenty on Fighting Conch shells, but most of them had tenants so I put them back out.  All in all is was a great day rummaging amongst the waves.


Honeymoon Bounty

It’s getting busy at Honeymoon Island!  Lots of Northern license plates.  By the time I left at noon there was a lot of traffic heading towards the beach.  Today I got out around 10 am and headed right for the Oasis parking on the north end of the island.  We had some rainy and windy weather on St. Patrick’s so hopefully it churned up some great treasures!


There were huge shell piles all the way down the beach!  The shelling is amazing right now.  If you like Turbans, it is Turban heaven!


Lots of live shells on the beach, this fighting conch was snuggled in.  I put him back in the water after I took a picture of his beautiful coloring.




These are my picks of the day!  Juvenile Fighting Conchs, Olives, Sunray Venus!  My treasures were a Shark’sEye, an Alphabet Cone, a Pear Whelk, a Lightning Whelk and a King’s Crown!  My first King’s Crown.  After I wash and oil the shells I’ll post close ups!!


The Mother of all Shells!

So I was shelling with the family at low tide, holding a 1 1/2 year old.  Have any of you have had the immense pleasure of shelling while holding a toddler?  Not that fun.  Anyway, I saw amongst the rocks a knobby edge, this could not be a rock.  So I placed my foot on it to disguise it from the looming shellers and called out for a toddler rescue.  Once he was safely in the arms of his Dad, I reached down.  “This better be a good one, ” said the Dad.  I had to dig, but it WAS worth it.  A 9 inch Whelk shell, AMAZING.  The only other large shell I have like that my Grandma bought for me in a gift shop in Tarpon Springs when I was but a lass.  It was covered in some green, but after a short bath in a bleach solution and an application of Mineral Oil she was a beaut.  I am in love!