A Mini Trip to the Beach

Monday afternoon we took a mini trip to Honeymoon Island, Yay Spring Break!IMG_1390


We parked on the South Beach, or what we call “the sandy” beach…


There were lots of mini shells to be found in the sea weed and tide pools.  Juvenile Fighting Conch, mini Turban, mini cockle, mini venus, mini scallops and mini operculum.  Operculum are the little “trap doors” that protect the animal inside the shell.  These probably came from Turban shells.


Lots of minis hiding in the surf line…




May 12th was the Beginning

This was the beginning of the shell craziness I now find myself in, this was my “haul” from Honeymoon beach on May the 12th.  Giant Cockles, Sunray Venus, Olives and check out that sweet claw.  Taking this picture, to show my treasure, I was now hooked.  Once I started researching shell names, I hit the jackpot with www.iloveshelling.com and here I am today a shellaholic.


Fort DeSoto

In April we drove out to Fort De Soto Park, near St. Petersburg.  The waves were crashing and the wind was blowing, perfect shelling weather. The best shells were near the Gulf Pier, which is by the Fort.  I even found an intact cockle, my first one!  IMG_9301