Me Noseeum but me Feelum



Let me tell you about the little friends we brought home with us from that Full Moon Low Tide.  Some people call them Noseeum but their common name is Sand Flea.  I call them something I cannot say on a nice friendly blog like this.

My husband started to itch while my son and I were exploring the tide pools.  So we rinsed the shoes and left.  When I got home I non-chalantly placed the beach bag by the washing machine like always, gave the boys a bath.  Fast forward to Sunday night, I sit down and get sucked into an SVU double episode, a show I have never watched.  After 2 hours I started to itch, I ran to the bathroom and discovered two groups of 6 bites on my back.

My war with Sand Fleas began.

“Oh crap the beach bag!”, I thought. Google Google Google, I read things like “so small you cannot see them,” “don’t scratch the bites” (yeah right) and “spray your bed and couch with pesticides.”  NO WAY!  Then I found someone who said cover everything with salt for 24 hours and vacuum thoroughly.  The salt dries them out and kills them.  Oh and wash everything you can in your house.  So I covered EVERYTHING with salt (and baking soda to kill any mites while I am at it) and bunkered down with the kids in one room.  After 5 days, a new HEPA vacuum and the washing machine running constantly, I think we got ’em.  No more new bites, only old itchy ones.  The stuffed animals are still in plastic bags for a few more days, just incase.

And maybe we’ll lay off the sunsets for awhile.


(My poor salt covered couch, looking like a powdered sugar brownie.)


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