Stink, Stank, Stunk…


So last post I was very excited about the shells I scored at Honeymoon Island, “Hey look at me, I am a good sheller!” That quickly turned into “Holy Crap what is that horrid stench?!” and “Ewww…what came out of that Shell?”  followed by fleeing the bathroom in HORROR.

As I posted before, see Horse Conch disgust, I am not that great with slimy animals.  I see a Fighting Conch in his little shell drying in the sun, I place him back in the water no problem.  But when chunks of recently deceased Fighting Conchs are coming out of a shell in my bathroom sink it freaks me out.  This is my first experience with shells that were not completely cleaned out by nature before I skipped along and placed them in my bag.

My procedure for cleaning shells is usually rinse out the sand, soak in 50/50 Bleach water solution, scrub with a little dish soap, rinse, dry and apply mineral oil.  These bad boys are still in the process, I almost brought them back to the beach but I plugged my nose put my gloves on and persisted.  After 2-3 rounds of bleaching and long hot soaks in Almond scented dish soap they have come out “smelling (kind of) like roses,”  or Almonds in my case.  The chunks of “stuff” long gone down the drain, I now will lay off the Fighting Conchs and continue the search for my perfect True Tulip or Junonia…

Still a little nervous a slimy muscle might fall out, here are the conchs in question still drying outside.  Someday they will get their shine back…IMG_5297


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