The Problem with the 9-incher

So the Whelk shell I found was a amazing, but the problem it created was a doozy.  A short time after that I went back to the beach with the family to shell.  Unfortunately my phone was in the car so I could not document the situation.  My son and I were looking for shells (which to him means throwing rocks into the ocean) when I spotted a HUGE dark shell half buried in the sand.  Could I hit the jackpot again?  So I commandeered my son’s small net and proceeded to pull the shell out the sand with my new found shell digging bravery.  What happened next was terrifying.  It was a live horse conch, which proceeded to writhe and spit water a foot up into the air.  My son started screaming, “What is THAT THING?  AGGGHHH,” and go running for the dunes.  I had no idea what to do, so I tried to push it out into the waves as best I could without puking.  If you have not seen one, they are a huge coral colored muscle…I cannot even think about it.


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