The Mother of all Shells!

So I was shelling with the family at low tide, holding a 1 1/2 year old.  Have any of you have had the immense pleasure of shelling while holding a toddler?  Not that fun.  Anyway, I saw amongst the rocks a knobby edge, this could not be a rock.  So I placed my foot on it to disguise it from the looming shellers and called out for a toddler rescue.  Once he was safely in the arms of his Dad, I reached down.  “This better be a good one, ” said the Dad.  I had to dig, but it WAS worth it.  A 9 inch Whelk shell, AMAZING.  The only other large shell I have like that my Grandma bought for me in a gift shop in Tarpon Springs when I was but a lass.  It was covered in some green, but after a short bath in a bleach solution and an application of Mineral Oil she was a beaut.  I am in love!




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