Midwest to Tampa

Florida has been my vacation destination ever since I was in my mom’s tummy, every Easter to Indian Shores and then years in Sarasota.  It was always exciting stepping onto a plane in freezing cold Wisconsin and stepping off of a plane in warm Florida.  So as soon as possible I took the chance to move here.  I was 20, in Orlando and in love.  Life took us to Manhattan, Chicago and finally back to the Sunshine.  We ended up in Tampa a year ago.  The year has been full of kids and housework, with a few beach weekends snuck in.  That is until I found the “I Love Shelling” blog, I am hooked!  Pam has brought out the sheller in me.  I now try and make it to my home base beach on Honeymoon Island at least twice a week.  I have a shell list to check off people!  So I pay homage to Pam on Sanibel Island, with my finds on Honeymoon Beach.  Although I am only a casual sheller, if that is even possible.



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